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  • Why should I use this ointment?

    Johnny recommends that you apply ointment on critical body parts, where you have stretch marks, bruising and skin problems.
  • Why is Johnny body ointment different?

    Body ointment is contains superfoods, which enrich its structure and make it different. Enriched with superfoods that are used in traditional medicine for centuries, to combat skin problems such as eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, redness, itching, acne, stretch marks, cellulite…
  • Can I use this ointment for stretch marks and skin injuries?

    Johnny recommends that you use ointment regularly for skin injuries, bruises and stretch marks. Key elements of its structure are: raspberry oil (it reimburses skin elasticity, softness and eliminates skin diseases) and coconut palm tree fruits (regenerate damaged skin and stimulate collagen production).
  • Where is the difference between body ointment and lotion?

    Body lotion moisturizes your body and nourishes the skin, while ointment targets critical parts of your body.
  • How can I use body ointment?

    Rub it in critical parts several times a day.
  • How often can I use it?

    Every day several times a day or if necessary.
  • For how long do I have this body ointment?

    100 ml is enough for approximately one months, it depends on how much ointment each individual applies on his body. Apply it in thin layer, because it is well spreadable!
  • How long does it take that the results are shown?

    Your skin will be more soft and shiny after the first use. Johnny recommends that you use ointment against stretch marks regularly.
  • I have sensitive skin. Can I use this product?

    If you have skin problems like redness or itching is the use recommended, because the cream contains ingredients which soothe irritated skin. If allergic reaction occurs, thoroughly rinse with water and stop using it.
  • I have dry skin. Can I use this product?

    Of course. I am made out of natural and moisturizing ingredients, which are perfect for your dry skin, especially if you prepare your skin well before use. Johnny recommends the use after body scrub.
  • I think I’m allergic to this product?

    If you have allergic reaction, stop using it right away and seek for medical assistance.
  • Where can I store the ointment that is already opened?

    Under dry conditions in well closed packing. Johnny feels its best in cabinet, away from sunlight.

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